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Too many April showers

May 3, 2011

We’ve had some pretty serious April showers in my part of the US and they didn’t bring May flowers, but rather flooding.  I myself am high and dry, but many others aren’t so lucky.  I hope this monthly update finds you well wherever you are.

As for PayPal, payments, and developer highlights from last month, I have much to report.

April was a banner month for me on the article front.  I completed my “Selling Digital Goods in Data Markets” series.  Part three showed you how to build an example data market using Python and Google App Engine.  Part four picked up where the previous part left off, examining what you would need to do to implement a RESTful web API for your data market while allowing finer grained, single row or entity level data sales using micropayments.  Click here to access all four articles in the series.

After completing the data markets articles, I began a new series on using PayPal and WordPress.  “Integrating Payments into WordPress, Part 1:  Features and Getting Started” introduced the WordPress system, how to install and begin using it, and where to go to learn more as you do so.  “Integrating Payments into WordPress, Part 2:  PayPal Plugins” introduced WordPress plugins, made some recommendations on popular plugins you might wish to try, and looked at existing PayPal plugin options.  The remaining article in this series will detail how to start building your own WordPress plugins using a PayPal-related example; watch for this to publish soon.

I also wrote the following DevZone blog posts last month:

Click to read the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network including links to other important developer news and information from April.


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