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LinkedIn APIs: Third party libraries

April 19, 2011

This is the fourth and final installment in my LinkedIn APIs series.  Previous posts showed you how to use their REST APIs, embeddable widgets, and JavaScript API.

This time I want to point out an even simpler way to make use of their REST APIs:  Third party libraries for your programming language(s) of choice.

LinkedIn’s developer portal provides a page on third party libraries and tools (click here to access it).  In addition to LinkedIn’s own JavaScript API, they list libraries supporting development in a variety of languages including Java (plain old as well as Android), Objective C (iOS/iPhone, two options actually), Python (also lists two different libraries), PHP, Ruby, and more.  Truth be told, these libraries run the gamut from easy-peasy to lots-of-work-required; you should try out any given library with some sample calls to evalute its applicability to your project before making a serious commitment to using it in a production payments application.

LinkedIn’s page also links to documentation and discussions of how to support development against their REST API for languages for which a full on third party library is not currently available.  So AS3, C#, C++, and Perl programmers, there’s something in here for you too.

Click here to read the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network including links to additional examples using Python.


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