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LinkedIn APIs: Professional networks via REST

April 7, 2011

LinkedIn, the professional networking site of choice, has been very busy lately introducing new features.  You may have seen the news about their “InMaps” showing connectivity to, and clustering of, members of your network.  And perhaps you’ve tried out their Skills searches or their LinkedIn Today daily view of the news that matters to others in your network.

But did you know they also support third party development with a RESTful developer API and embeddable widgets you can use in your applications?  LinkedIn is also previewing a JavaScript API (currently in early access) to make using the REST API along with login and sharing buttons easy to do for browser-based applications.  Let’s look at the REST API first.

The API provides access to the following resources:  Profile, Connections, Search, Messaging, and Network Updates including member updates, shares, comments, and likes.  The LinkedIn API Resource Map provides example calls for each of these resources; click here to access it.

One convenient way to try out the LinkedIn APIs is to use the Apigee LinkedIn API Console.  For instance, to make a network updates (read: “feed items”) call, you would load the console and then click on “Network Updates“, then under that “people/~/network/updates“.  Click on the padlock to the immediate left of the API call box, then select “OAuth” for authentication:LinkedIn OAuth sign-in prompt

Click to read the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network including the rest of the authentication and API call execution steps.

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