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Apigee-to-Go embeddable consoles

March 10, 2011

Apigee has launched their new Apigee-to-Go embeddable consoles, and PayPal has availed themselves of the opportunity.

Why provide an embeddable version of their consoles?  According to Apigee:

Time and again we’ve heard API providers ask for a way to build their own consoles and give it to their own developers, on their own sites…  So today we’re launching Apigee To-Go, which lets you create your own API Console, skin it with the look and feel to match your brand, and then embed it where your developers are, on your own site or portal — for free.

You can read more about the new embeddable consoles via ReadWriteWeb’s coverage (click here).

Apigee simultaneously announced that three of their partners, PayPal, LinkedIn, and SoundCloud, are already offering custom-built consoles to their developers.  PayPal is currently making their console available via a link on the Adaptive Payments API page.

Here’s a look at PayPal’s console (click the screenshot to try out the console for yourself):

Click to read the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network.


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