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February developer highlights

March 2, 2011

Another month, another flurry of developer tips, examples, and payments news.  Let’s review, shall we?

I published the second part of my two part “Divining DevZone Insight from Filtered Feeds and Deep Pages” article series in February.  The first article in the series delved into the sources of content and took the initial approach of using YQL within Yahoo Pipes to get at blog post, article, and book excerpt data.  It also uncovered problems with some initial assumptions about the RSS streams providing the data.  This second and final article in the series uses the RSS property numItems and some Python code to solve the remaining issues and analyze the stream data.

This data is used to produce topic-filtered DevZone content bundles, a sitemap of sorts.  It also discusses the topics via a set of graphs showing topic mentions across DevZone content.

Top 20 mentioned DevZone topics

It you’re interested in using YQL in a programming language, especially in Python, I’d recommend checking this article out.

February blog posts included:

Read the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network to access links to related development and payments news.


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