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Tips for using and creating your own WordPress plugins

January 15, 2011

Title slide for WordPress Plugins presentation by Peter Mancini, Nectarine Imp LLC http:/

My friend and former Digital Reasoning Systems colleague Peter Mancini, now the Principal at Nectarine Imp LLC, has put together an eighteen slide presentation introducing WordPress plugins and their use. It includes a section on creating your own, too. If you’re new to WP or want to patch any holes you might have in your WP plugin knowledge, I’d recommend it.

From Peter’s announcement of the posting of his slides:

WordPress is software for organizing blog posts, documents, multi-media and hyperlinks. This presentation is the one I gave 11 January 2011 to discuss the technology used to extend the system. As of this writing WordPress is at version 3 and has 12,000+ plugins available for it. The process of managing plugins is not difficult and the act of creating new ones, while challenging in some respects, is fairly straightforward if you know what you are looking for.

Click here to access the PDF slides with speaker notes for the presentation.


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