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Top 10 of 2010: PayPal X bindings, samples, and SDK options

January 8, 2011

[This was my sixth most popular item last year.]

You’re a developer who wants to integrate payments into your applications.  Great!  You’ve read my overview of the various PayPal X APIs and technologies available to you and you’re ready to get started.  Fabulous!  Now what?

You need to consider the SDKs, bindings, and sample programs available on the platform(s) you’re using.  For instance, let’s say you want to use the Adaptive Account API as you enroll new customers for your service (here’s one example of why and how you might want to do that).  Let’s also suppose that your service is written in Java, targeted at the Java 1.6 runtime.  If you check the PayPal SDKs and Downloads page you’ll find that you have the option of using a PayPal provided SOAP binding to simplify your development.  If you’re able to use SOAP, download the binding and explore its JSP-based examples to get started straightaway.

But if you aren’t using SOAP, say you’d prefer to use JSON, XML, or name-value pairs RESTfully, then you will need to use a third party library or build support for your preferred option into your application yourself.  Not necessarily a big deal, but it will likely take a little more time and effort to get your application up and running without the ability to bootstrap off of PayPal’s provided bindings and samples.

Here’s a table summarizing the Adaptive Account and Adaptive Payment API bindings and samples available from PayPal:

Programming Platform Bindings Packaging
Java 1.6 SOAP Windows ZIP, Linux tar and tar.gz
PHP 5.2 SOAP, JSON, XML Windows ZIP, Linux tar and tar.gz
Ruby on Rails NVP Windows ZIP
Java 1.5 (support to be discontinued soon) SOAP Windows ZIP, Linux tar and tar.gz

Click here to read the rest of this tools blog post on the PayPal X Developer Network.


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