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Android Java course week three

June 2, 2010

Below are my notes from this week’s course, plus related Android news and information. I’ve also embedded the third part of the Google Android overview 3-part video series at the bottom of this post.

You can read my week one notes and/or week two notes by clicking the appropriate link: week 1 notes | week 2 notes. (The first and second parts of the video series mentioned above are in these first two weeks’ posts, respectively.)

  • Today We Load the Public Timeline in our Android App! A FREE @OreillyMedia course with @creativeLIVE #
  • Pragmatic (O'Reilly) has a third edition of "Hello, Android" book #androidjava #
  • In this week's class we'll be using Twitter4j paging, List Header & Footer views and progress bar #
  • Twitter4j loadHomeTimeline() pulls down the user's main Twitter timeline #
  • Information on installing and using the ADT plugin for Eclipse development #
  • F3 to jump to implementation of highlighted method in Eclipse #
  • Listview can have a set of headers (or footers) which are list items that can display special data, metadata, controls, etc. #
  • Instructor @thillerson demonstrates long running tasks causing UI unresponsiveness…thus the need for threads, tah dah! #
  • Handler makes it possible to coordinate activity between worker threads and the main thread #
  • TextView can automatically recognize different kinds of actionable data: web links, phone numbers, email and geo addresses #
  • Just getting started with #androidjava? Work through the Hello World example #
  • Week 3 session summary: Home timeline, load newer and older tweets, header and footer views on a list, threads, links in TextView #
  • Homework: Thread line 28 of and show progress in main thread, then call finish() when done #
  • Amazon Wireless has some schweet Android phones including the HTC Incredible #
  • Google has posted video recorded at ten #AndroidJava #io2010 conference sessions for beginners to experts #

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