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Training update

July 24, 2009

Bill's been hunting in Under Armour for several years

I’m in my third week of Cameron Hanes style training for this fall.

The first couple of weeks I did 10 minutes of walking, 5 minutes jogging, 10 more walking, 5 more jogging each time I went out, 30 minutes total, every other day. After the first day, I decided I’d wear my lumbar pack with some weight in it (2 bottles of water, a first aid and survival kit, and a few pounds of other things); that definitely upped the ante a little further, as did the 100+ F temperatures we’ve been having.

This week I moved up to 15 minutes walking, 10 jogging, 15 more walking, and 10 more jogging for a total of 50 minutes each time out. I’ve also been doing pushups and yard work on off days, and once I get a couple of things fixed on my mountain bike I’m going to start riding on some of those days, too.

Just a little over 2 1/2 weeks into it, I’m already finding the running getting easier and I’m less easily winded. It feels fantastic! I’ve missed that feeling, and I’m glad it’s back!

For anybody thinking about joining in, here’s a little motivation from Cameron and Under Armour:
Visit his blog and watch the video embedded in this entry

Also FYI, my friend Carol McDonald passed along this link to’s fascinating look inside the eating and training of the best runners in the world. Recommended for insight into what’s truly important, and what isn’t, to build endurance.


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