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Notes from 2008-10-09

October 9, 2008

Click to visit the Tulsa TechFest 2008 site

Click to view full size image of Rob Howard Tulsa TechFest keynote craziness

  • At Tulsa TechFest Day 1, morning keynote by Chris Bernard, Microsoft User Experience Evangelist; click here for slides #
  • Standing room only at the TechFest morning keynote #
  • Stunning revelation from Microsoft keynote: “We need to think about scale”. Wow. #
  • Bernard: “UX is about making choices”; developers need to “be everywhere” #
  • Bernard is pushing Silverlight, XAML, and designer-oriented tools #
  • Bernard: “How people feel is the new black”#
  • Bernard’s blog #
  • Jayson Street’s waiting to start his “Google to Pwnag3 in 60 Minutes” session #
  • Jayson Street’s “fun job” #
  • Street’s talk TOC #
  • Street: Back Track 4 will be a Debian distribution #
  • Street can’t get his Windows movie to play… #
  • Street: “Hackers love complexity” (speaking of and using different OSes and web servers) #
  • Street shows Firefox hacking extensions, using and #
  • Street: OSVDB is an invaluable tool for sysadmins and defenders #
  • Street: “Microsoft provided us with a hacking tool, tftp.exe. Lovely!” #
  • Street’s presentation is at #
  • Coming up after lunch in Track 1: Chris Koenig, Microsoft Evangelist, on Silverlight style #
  • Tim Elrod’s “Reverse Engineering Security Patches”: Most RE hackers use IDA Pro #
  • Elrod talks very well of Metasploit, as did Street #
  • Elrod shows how to reverse engineer a QuickTime RTSP vulnerability #
  • Elrod uses VMWare Fusion extensively during his QuickTime RTSP exploit #
  • Koenig’s Silverlight talk is sparsely attended and a bit of a snoozer #
  • My “Hacking the Meaning in Human Communication” talk went well, two or three possible new partners #
  • Rob Howard, CEO of Telligent and former Microsoftie, keynoting about the importance of talking *with*, not *at*, customers #
  • Howard: “Search has to become much, much smarter”. Talk to Digital Reasoning, Rob! #
  • Howard: “Webkinz is brainwashing our children”. Love it! #
  • Howard demoing Telligent’s Harvest Reporting Server analytics tool #
  • Overheard during Zune giveaway: “What’s that?”. Answer: “Like an iPod” #
  • Tulsa TechFest suggestion for next year: Seriously streamline the giveaways at the end of each day (madness and mayhem and 45 minutes to get through them on Day 1 this year) #

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