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What is the Synthesys Platform?

August 29, 2008

You may have noticed

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This begets the obvious question: What is the Synthesys Platform?

The short answer: Digital Reasoning Systems, Inc. ‘s Synthesys Platform provides the first true Software Development Kit (SDK) and server platform for Unstructured Data Analytics (UDA).

The slightly longer answer: The Synthesys Platform helps you find unexpected, critical knowledge hidden in your data. Synthesys takes unstructured text as input, uses entity extraction with strong semantic relationship analysis to operate on the input, and then outputs abstracted knowledge objects. You can then use these objects (people, places, connections, etc.) to understand and analyze what’s important.

For an in depth answer and to speak to us about possibly joining our limited beta, please contact us via the form on

You can also attend one of our upcoming events or tech talks, for example my “Hacking the Meaning in Human Communication” presentation at the upcoming Tulsa TechFest in early October.

Watch for much more information on the Synthesys Platform on this blog and in the weeks to come.

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