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Thank you National Geographic

March 13, 2008

Click to read the National Geographic article

Thank you National Geographic for answering my open letter to you with a fair assessment of the necessity of hunting in the recent article “Hunters: For Love of the Land“.

As author Robert Poole notes in the article:

“It’s the hunters who keep most of these species going,” said Jim Clay, a middle school English teacher, hunter, and maker of turkey calls in Winchester, Virginia. “They put in the money, and they put in the hours. Hunters really care about what happens.”

Though there are bad apples in all lots of people, for the most part hunters and fishermen love the land and its creatures. We know humans are an inextricable part of nature, and nature of us. We need wild creatures and wild places to nourish the soul and free the spirit. And we intend to make certain that both continue on, long past our own time, so that our grandchildren and their grandchildren’s grandchildren can cherish them just as we do.

To the extent that Mr. Poole’s article captures that passion for conservation and recognition of the interdependence of all things, he got it just right.


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