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iPhone 1.1.3 softup Important Information

January 15, 2008

Click to watch the iPhone 1.1.3 software update Guided Tour from Apple

Steve Jobs announced the 1.1.3 iPhone software update today at Macworld, available now for download and installation via iTunes.

For more coverage of the Jobsnote, iPhone, and the 1.1.3 softup, see:

After reading about 1.1.3, it’s time to install it. During the firmware installation, you’re presented with the following “Important Information” detailing Apple’s take on the new capabilities:

iPhone Software
Version 1.1.3

This version of the software includes additional new features, bug fixes and supersedes all previous versions.

New features include:

• New Maps application
– Find location
– Improved UI
• Send SMS text messages to multiple recipients
• Customize Home Screen
– Rearrange icons
– Add Safari bookmarks to the Home Screen
– Create up to 9 Home Screen pages
• IMAP support for Gmail
• Support for iTunes Store movie rentals
• Enhanced Video Player
– Chapters
– Subtitles
– Alternate language tracks
• Lyrics support in iPod

For feature descriptions and complete instructions, see the users guide for your iPhone at:
http ://

For more information about iPhone, go to:
http ://

To troubleshoot your iPhone, or to view additional support information go to:
http ://

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:
http ://

After you download the 160MB+ update and install it, you’ll be ready to try out the new location, home screen, and other features. Be sure to check out the updated Guided Tour from the iPhone site for a walkthrough of the new features, and/or the Engadget overview video below. Enjoy!


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