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Of iTunes, EMI, and Carnival 67

April 3, 2007

Things are grooving at Carnival 67 on

Carnival of the Mobilists #67 is out just in time to revisit (yet again) the iTunes juggernaut. Click here to read some of last week’s best coverage of wireless technology, business, and cultural developments.

My “Apple’s three screens opportunity” got the nod with Wap Review commenting:

Apple has become a content distribution powerhouse with iTunes. Can they leverage that into IPTV and mobile dominance too?

Yesterday’s news that EMI will offer its catalog DRM-free and iTunes will be the first to market with the unlocked EMI music has me wondering if Apple didn’t just ratchet things up yet another big notch. Microsoft and other music services may be forced to respond, pending the EMI-Apple details.

Will this be “the beginning of the end of DRM” as many are claiming? Time will tell. But whether it is or not, it’s definitely more little metal rings in the iTunes-for-everyone armor.


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