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Details of freeware Symbian Signed program

October 11, 2005

Following up on my post “Symbian Signed for open source apps” yesterday:

Forum Nokia has posted “Freeware Opportunities for Series 60 and Series 80 Developers” detailing how to request free Symbian Signed testing.

Which software qualifies? The document notes:

The only requirement is that the application submitted conform to the program’s definition of freeware as “software that is distributed at no charge to the user, and from which the developer derives no form of direct revenue for the software being used.” The program allows honorware (“if you like this, feel free to contribute”) as long as there is no restriction on users should they choose not to contribute. The program explicitly excludes applications that provide a limited feature set of a commercial product (crippleware) and applications that provide revenue to the developer through the delivery of messages to users (adware).

Seems reasonable to me. The document also clarifies that the program will be administered by Symbian and paid for by Symbian and its licensees, including Nokia (the report from yesterday only mentioned Nokia picking up the tab).

Learn more by downloading and reading the PDF here.

Symbian Signed


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