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Summer slips into Fall

September 29, 2005

I try to get outside for a 2-3 mile walk every day. This gives me a chance to clear my mind, get a little exercise, and enjoy being offline and out in the wilds for a little while.

One of the best things about these walks is getting to watch as the seasons pass from one to the next. Plants sprout, grow, flower, and fade.

Creekside flowers Roadside flowers with tiny little ants Creekside flowers which bloomed for only one day

Squirrels are born and grow up to put away nuts for winter as the first leaves wither and begin to fall.

Squirrel packs on weight as fall approaches Rusty old leaves ready for Fall

Through it all I think about how everything, even storms and misfortune, fits together. It helps me keep ahold of what’s really important versus all of life’s distractions. Get out and soak up Fall to see what I mean.


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