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Bye, bye Rita…stay away Stan

September 25, 2005

Below are a few more of my photos of Rita that didn’t make it into last night’s post.

Rita sunset, 7:23PM, 24 Sep 2005 Rita sunset, 7:24PM, 24 Sep 2005 Rita sunset, 7:25PM 11 sec, 24 Sep 2005 Rita sunset, 7:25PM 19 sec, 24 Sep 2005

Today Rita’s cloud cover has moved east and we have sunny skies here in Oklahoma. People in Texas and Louisiana are assessing the damage and talking about the Texodus and what needs to be done better next time. Further north and east Rita’s squally remnants are dumping rain and causing severe weather as she continues to weaken.

Let’s hope the experts are wrong and Stan‘s not headed our way anytime soon.


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