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My favorite gift gizmo

December 25, 2004

SwissMemory USB Victorinox

The holiday season is always a great time for gadget freaks like me. Last year I posted a wishlist for phone features, so this year I thought I’d mix things up and publish a “what’s cool” post instead. Rather than bore everybody with a “top ten” or something like that, I’ll cut to the chase and blog about my numero uno favorite gift gizmo.

Drumroll please…my favorite is the simple but elegant (in a techie sorta way) SwissMemory USB Victorinox.

I’ve long had a mini Swiss army knife on my keychain, and once USB memory fobs came along, I was hooked on them too. This gizmo replaces both of my old doodads, and even raises the ante over my previous knife by including a dim but serviceable light (red for star watching and sneaking into the bedroom after staying up late blogging) and a writing pen. It’s available with memory sizes from 64 to 512MB. Swissbit provides the USB memory, Victorinox the knife know how, and the result is a terribly useful pocketable device.

Read the details from the Swissbit site (includes details on the TravelSafe/flight version sans knife tools, too, in case you need it in your carryon luggage) and order your own 512MB model from Amazon. Just think of the fun you’ll have backing up your digipics and toting MP3s on your pocket knife! 🙂

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