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Nokia Lifeblog to support Typepad blogging

September 8, 2004

Nokia Lifeblog

Nokia and Six Apart have announced support for Typepad in Nokia Lifeblog.

Lifeblog’s blogging support will be Atom based. For more information, read Christian Lindholm’s post on Lifeblog and Typepad, learn more about Typepad’s implementation of the Atom API, and watch the Nokia Lifeblog site for more details. I need to dig into the details myself and verify if I’ll be able to Lifeblog to my own Atom enabled site…more to come on that as I get the skinny.

BTW, if you’re interested in Lifeblog you might also want to check out Nokia Album, available now for 7610. Russ wrote a short review last month if you’d like a third party take on it.

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