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February 2, 2005

Nokia launches Python for Series 60

Nokia has announced the general availability of Python for Series 60. This is fantastic news for wireless developers who’ve been clambering for more programming options than just Symbian C++ and J2ME. As was noted in an interview with proud Nokia Python papa Erik Smartt: “It seemed like a good language to bring to the […]

August 18, 2004

Series 60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 1

The Series 60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 1: What’s New – Lead Features And APIs v1.0 document provides details on new capabilities coming to Series 60. Capabilities to note in Feature Pack 1: EDGE support MPix cellcam capabilities Presence services and API Mobile Terminated Location Requests (MT-LR) Several new J2ME enhancements (additional MMA capabilities […]

July 21, 2004

Sendo X Series 60 smartphone shipping

The number of Series 60 based mobiles continues to increase as last month the Sendo X smartphone began shipping in Europe. For a snapshot of other Series 60 based devices, click here.

March 18, 2004

Getting the most out of Series 60

Recommended: Christian Lindholm’s selected gems for Nokia Series 60 phone users. Also linked to from comments in Christian’s blog: Symbian Wiki, full of Series 60, 80, and other related Nokia and Symbian tips and tricks A long list of Nokia 3650 related links (requires some effort to use)

September 29, 2004

Nokia 6260 shipping

Nokia has begun shipments of its first Series 60 fold phone. Read the press release, or better yet check out the 6260’s specs and learn more about Series 60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 1 which it uses.

October 12, 2005

Nokia launches Carbide.c++ development tools

The love child of Nokia’s cozying up to Eclipse and its purchase of Metrowerks’ Symbian tools and team has been born: Nokia has introduced a new family of Symbian C++ development tools christened “Carbide.c++”. It interesting to note that Carbide.c++ tools support not only Nokia’s Series 60 and Series 80, but also UIQ favored by […]

October 11, 2005

Details of freeware Symbian Signed program

Following up on my post “Symbian Signed for open source apps” yesterday: Forum Nokia has posted “Freeware Opportunities for Series 60 and Series 80 Developers” detailing how to request free Symbian Signed testing. Which software qualifies? The document notes: The only requirement is that the application submitted conform to the program’s definition of freeware as […]

October 10, 2005

Symbian Signed for open source apps

All About Symbian reports that Nokia is going to pay for all Series 60 and 80 freeware developers to have their apps Symbian Signed. If true this will finally allow open source to play nicely with newer Symbian-based phones. Lack of a free path to get open source Symbian Signed has been a major stumbling […]

September 27, 2005

Nokia and Motorola 2MPix cellcam music machines

Everybody’s been blogging about the Palm+Microsoft lovefest so I thought I’d cover two other new devices that might be important and more widely used in the long run. Both Motorola and Nokia announced 2 megapixel cellcams yesterday. They both support memory cards and various digital audio formats, promising to be good cellpods as well as […]

February 18, 2005

3GSM World Congress 2005

I’ve been reading the deluge of reports and press releases from the 3GSM World Congress 2005 which wrapped up yesterday in Cannes. Expanding upon last year’s limited Sun and Intel & Nokia 3GSM posts, I thought this year I’d summarize the major wireless developments via links to various 3GSM bits from around the Web. Starting […]