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July 7, 2004

Forum Nokia RSS feeds

Ever wished for a RSS feed through which you could monitor the latest Nokia development information including Java, Series 60/Symbian, WAP/XHTML, Messaging/MMS information, and more? Wish no more: Nokia provides a number of topic and “latest release” feeds as well as allowing you to generate your own custom feeds via the Nokia Content Syndication Program. […]

July 5, 2004

JavaOne, Day 4: Mobile 3D and Forum Nokia updates

I attended Kari Pulli’s and Tomi Aarnio’s “Advanced Game Development with the Mobile 3D Graphics API” on the final day of the conference. They started with an overview of JSR 184, including initial attempts to subset J2SE‘s Java 3D API and why those were eventually abandoned (the short of it: Java 3D was 100 times […]

July 16, 2008

Free Nokia open source mobile workshop

I received the following from Nokia and wanted to pass it along to anyone interested in open source and mobile development. (Some of the links added by me.) Nokia invites all open source developers (Linux, C, C++, Python) for a fun filled Mobile Open Source Developer Day in San Francisco, organized alongside LinuxWorld held in […]

July 20, 2006

Nokia versus Motorola, by the numbers

Nokia Q2 numbers are out. In a nutshell: NOK shipped 78.4 million phones in Q2 2006 compared to 60.8 million units in Q2 2005 Smart phone (Nokia Multimedia unit) revenues rose 37% to 1.89 billion euros ($2.36 billion) Average selling price declined to 102 euros ($127) from 105 euros, due to large volumes of cheap […]

October 12, 2005

Nokia launches Carbide.c++ development tools

The love child of Nokia’s cozying up to Eclipse and its purchase of Metrowerks’ Symbian tools and team has been born: Nokia has introduced a new family of Symbian C++ development tools christened “Carbide.c++”. It interesting to note that Carbide.c++ tools support not only Nokia’s Series 60 and Series 80, but also UIQ favored by […]

September 19, 2005

Nokia answers ROKR with Music Pack

Nokia has announced a Music Pack to further sweeten the MP3 player capabilities of compatible Pop-port enabled handsets. Visit the Music Pack homepage or read the specs and FAQ. What you get in the pack: Nokia Audio Adapter AD-15 (lets you plug in standard 3.5mm headphones) Nokia 256MB MMCmobile card MU-9 (you can up this […]

February 2, 2005

Nokia launches Python for Series 60

Nokia has announced the general availability of Python for Series 60. This is fantastic news for wireless developers who’ve been clambering for more programming options than just Symbian C++ and J2ME. As was noted in an interview with proud Nokia Python papa Erik Smartt: “It seemed like a good language to bring to the […]

January 28, 2005

PC Magazine Nokia 6230 review

It’s a bit late to the game given that Nokia 6230 has been reviewed various places since the first half of 2004, but PC Magazine’s posted their own short review. The review is in their typical US- and PC-centric fashion. Worth a read however if you’re looking for a cellpod or a first rate EDGE […]

November 17, 2004

Nokia Tech Days "J2ME Intro" slides

I’ve posted slides for my Nokia Tech Days presentation “Introduction to Wireless Java Developement Using the J2ME Platform“. Click here to access the slides. Abstract: This session provides a technical introduction to J2ME and discusses how to develop wireless Java applications for the Nokia Developer Platforms. Please use the Comments link at the bottom right […]

November 16, 2004

Nokia Tech Days

Hope to see many of you local to the Bay Area at the Nokia Tech Days in Santa Clara tomorrow! For more information and to register, click here.