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February 21, 2008

Web 3.0 and its discontents

Digital Reasoning Systems CEO Tim Estes recently launched our new blog with his post on “Web 3.0 and its discontents“. As Tim notes in the opening to his inaugural post: For my first post to our new blog, I thought I would jump into an area that is of great and timely interest: The emerging […]


October 22, 2007

Digital Reasoning Systems and the eDiscovery market

The Nashville Business Journal published a piece last week on our plans in the electronic discovery, aka eDiscovery, market. Read the teaser here (paid subscription required to read the whole thing). As Tim Estes, Digital Reasoning Systems’ CEO, notes in a quote in the article: Search solves the problem for the user who knows what […]

September 11, 2007

Key knowledge discovery patent granted to Digital Reasoning Systems, Inc.

It’s been a long while since I posted updates on my work at Digital Reasoning Systems. That’s about to change, in a big way! Our key patent for discovering the meaning of words solely from unstructured data was granted by the USPTO on July 24, 2007 as US Patent No. 7249117. Click here to read […]