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January 16, 2008

Macworld keynote in 60 seconds

Steve Jobs on speed, courtesy of Mahalo Daily.

November 14, 2011

Android Open 2011 Highlights

This October I was able to attend both the O’Reilly Android Open (@androidopen) and X.commerce Innovate conferences back-to-back in San Francisco. I wrote more about Innovate in a separate DevZone article. This time, I’d like to break down the most interesting bits of Android Open from a developer-centric perspective. Fascinating morning keynotes Android Open was […]

November 9, 2011

Innovate 2011 Highlights

I was recently privileged to attend both the O’Reilly Android Open and X.commerce Innovate conferences back-to-back in San Francisco. Both were mind and network expanding events, and I’d highly recommend either to developers and business colleagues considering attending next year. I hope to write more about my key takeaways from Android Open at some point […]

October 16, 2011

Notes from the week of 2011-10-16

4.25mi super easy recovery. #RunKeeper # Boarding in Tulsa. Dallas weather, please stay friendly so I can get to #AndroidOpen # Arkansas River south of Broken Arrow. # Lake Eufala is beautiful (and muddy) in the calm before the storm. # I *love* eating at @Pappadeaux in #DFW 2nd time in […]

June 26, 2011

Notes from the week of 2011-06-26

PayPal X Platform @PayPalX and payments monthly highlights # @PayPalX Mobile Checkout end-of-life 1 September 2011 (can anyone confirm?) # @PayPalX DevZone post: LinkedIn adds Jobs and Companies APIs # Doing Facebook development? Check out the unofficial FB Graph API Explorer (very handy, @PayPalX developers!) # Need to scan QR, Data […]

January 16, 2008

Platforms are green

Sascha Segan makes a very interesting point in his take on Steve Jobs’ Macworld keynote: Did anyone else notice how radically green Apple’s Macworld announcements were? Steve Jobs didn’t play up the environmental angle of his iPhone, Apple TV, and iPod Touch upgrades, but the vision he presented is far more radical than just a […]

January 15, 2008

iPhone 1.1.3 softup Important Information

Steve Jobs announced the 1.1.3 iPhone software update today at Macworld, available now for download and installation via iTunes. For more coverage of the Jobsnote, iPhone, and the 1.1.3 softup, see: Engadget iPhone and iPod Touch skinny keynote liveblog ars technica keynote announcements article After reading about 1.1.3, it’s time to install it. During […]

March 2, 2007

Multi-touch possibilities

Sure Apple is planning some interesting things with multi-touch for iPhone, but just how far could the technology be taken? Check out this demonstration from NYU spin-off Perceptive Pixel for a glimpse of the possibilities: and here’s a video of Perceptive Pixel founder Jeff Han premiering his multi-touch tech at TED in February 2006: I […]

February 2, 2007

Nokia and Motorola: Two horse race, soon to be three?

Last July I wondered in writing about Q2 2006 NOK and MOT numbers: Is mobile handset design and marketing now a two horse race? As reported in this Chicago Tribune story on Q4 2006 results, the answer appears to be a big “Yes”. According to the Strategy Analytics numbers quoted by the Tribune: Nokia increased […]

January 17, 2007

iPhone week one

There have been a lot of so-so and a few really great articles on iPhone in the week since it was launched. What follows are my favorite blog posts, articles, and videos covering iPhone in week one. David Pogue published an early first pass in his “Some Hands-On Time With the iPhone” after spending about […]