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Bill Day is Owner of Day Web where he helps customers grow their business by solving product and partnership problems.

Bill runs Magellan Echo and Echo Fit smart sports watch partnerships. He is responsible for relationships with sports and fitness partners including RunKeeper, Under Armour, Strava, Wahoo Fitness, AllTrails, Golf Pad, and others. Bill identifies potential partners, then works with them to integrate Echo Series support, address iOS and Android technical issues, launch and co-market, and continually improve joint product offerings. Bill’s work enables tens of millions of potential new customers for Magellan Echo Series products. Example: Bill managed partnership negotiations, technical and business integration, product launch, and subsequent promotions with RunKeeper, bringing more than 36 Million potential new customers to Magellan via that partnership alone.

Bill also serves as Product Manager and API & Solutions Expert for software boutique Zaffra. Recent work has included analyzing vertical APIs and solutions to distill key objects while managing a GitHub-hosted agile team to deliver a clean, unified API blueprint based upon those objects. Final customer deliverable on that project: A 109-page Apiary blueprint including preface/front matter, a catalog of scenarios in Gherkin/Cucumber, an end-to-end example tutorial with source code, and a dynamically-generated API reference.

Bill previously served as Platform Product Manager and Evangelist for RunKeeper, where he ran the agile Platform team scaling APIs powering RunKeeper beyond 25 million registered users. He managed API, infrastructure, UX, and business development aspects of RunKeeper’s platform including the Health Graph API and partner integrations. Bill evangelized RunKeeper’s platform from its infancy to 150 featured and more than 2,000 total partners.

Here’s Bill delivering an overview of the Health Graph platform:

And here’s a quick technical primer Bill put together on the Health Graph (click through slides to view):

Bill has also assisted O’Reilly Media, PayPal, NVIDIA, Nokia, and Digital Reasoning Systems with platform and business development, partnership, and evangelism efforts.

More information on Bill’s professional background and recommendations of his work are available on his LinkedIn profile (click here to view).

Bill is also a runner. He’d like to see you eat right and get plenty of exercise, too. Here’s a little motivation from his “Run for your life!” Ignite talk:

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